_Say No to Fear: Mobile Apps to Ease Coronavirus Anxiety

Technology is meant to create connection, not fear.

At Bytecraft, we make it a priority to help our community use tech to anchor their life and make the best of the situations that life throws at us. Amidst the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the world’s collective anxiety has disturbed the very core of our day-to-day experience. 

We aren’t superheroes yet, but we hope to create that same sense of hope that Spiderman, Batman, or any of your favorite superheroes would. Here are our top recommended apps to ease stress & panic:


Instead of staying up at night worried about what will happen tomorrow, use this soundscape app to create a more peaceful environment. We recommend this app for those who do not feel safe or feel trapped with worry. The 3D Soundscape & Ambience app allows users to pick through a selection of peaceful environments based on what they’d like to achieve. The three main selections are: Focus, Sleep, & Escape. From a log fire cabin in Switzerland to a cloud forest in Costa Rica, you pick your getaway, without having to worry about catching flights or germs.


Shine gives users daily motivation challenges and messages. During a time of high anxiety, stress, and lack of physical motivation, Shine brings back that “umph” people are missing in their life. Instead of hiding behind fear and the darkest corner of your room, Shine on. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


Sometimes something as simple as redecorating your space using AR (Augmented Reality) can make anxiety go away. If you must stay home to feel safer from the coronavirus, you might as well re-decorate! Move some furniture around, paint the walls, add some new pieces. The best way to stop worrying is to put your mind on something else. IKEA Place does a great job of taking furniture shopping straight to your home. 


Sometimes you just have to get that anxiety out. If you have tried every app on this list, but still feel anxious, write it out. Write out every single one of your worries. Map every step, every location you went to and every person you met that day. Whatever you must do to let go, put it here. Day One Journal is the number one recommended app for journaling and jotting down thoughts. With its daily prompts,  users are able to hold a record of their thought process. 

5. WaterLama Water Tracker

We know there is no cure for the coronavirus. The claim that drinking water can cure or prevent COVID-19 is false. However, all doctors have recommended staying hydrated, as it is easier for ANY virus to pass through if caught. Drinking water is the most underrated solution for a lot of health issues. To make sure our users listen to the doctor’s advice, we recommend this interactive water tracker. Its clever UX/UI makes it fun for adults and children to drink more water.

We want our community to stay healthy, educated, and anxiety-free. Spread the hashtag: #coronNOvirus to ease some of the social media frenzy. Stay safe!

-Team Bytecraft

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