_Tech and Branding: How Your APPearance Can Stand Out

The official dogma of all Western industrial societies runs like this: “If we are interested in maximizing the welfare of our citizens, the way to do that is to maximize individual freedom. The way to maximize freedom is to maximize choice.” 

As consumers, living in this fast-paced world packed with infinite choices, we know how challenging decision-making is; whether you are buying coffee at Starbucks or downloading the right meditation app for your phone.  

As a response to that, people started identifying with brands that share their values. When people feel an emotional connection with the brand, they trust it and believe in its superiority. When it comes to startups, you are just as much of the product as your web site, software, or hardware. Potential users, customers, employees, and investors aren’t just deciding to use your product – they are deciding to make an investment in you. Hence, understanding that brands have become the global currency of success will allow your startup to build awareness, stand out from the competition, and extend customer loyalty.

Build Awareness About Your Product Through Your Logo 

Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care? The answers to these questions are your first step of establishing a brand and a clearly marketed identity. When you have an in-depth understanding of your target audience, you are able to build on their perceptions, preferences, dreams, values, and lifestyles. Once a consumer is aware of a brand, they start to recognize it without assistance, seek it out to make a purchase, and prioritize it among the competition. Not only does solidifying your identity make it easier to attract consumers that share your values, but it also communicates that your startup intends to be a reliable and recognizable business for the long term.  

So why does the logo matter? As a society, we generally care about looks. Everyone we see around us, we judge by physical appearance. The same way we judge the person sitting next to us on superficial qualities, someone is judging a brand’s identity by their logo and design. It is human instinct to judge a book by its cover. Therefore, let’s make the most of it and make your brand image one that stands out. 

  • Test: Look at your phone screen. Out of all the apps you have in your home screen, which one stands out to you the most. Why? 

Stand Out from the Competition

So, after we pass the superficial test. What do consumers want? Well, the modern consumer isn’t looking for just a product; they’re looking for a connection. In order to create a deeper, more personal relationship with your target audience, you need to have three fundamental qualities: relevance, originality, and impact. These qualities will enable you to define your positioning and differentiate your startup from the competitive market. Considering that consumers’ purchasing behavior changes based on trends, seasonality, advances in technology, to name a few, it’s important to always be up to date and one step ahead. 

  • Test: Which app is constantly on your mind? Who is the competitor? Why did you choose (your app) over theirs? 

Extend Consumer Loyalty 

Every consumer interaction is an opportunity to build brand loyalty. A compelling experience will generate positive buzz and make the customers come back. A bad experience is a lost opportunity that can sabotage the brand. Memorable experiences are built through emotional branding, sensory experiences, and unique, engaging demonstrations. You don’t want just to grab the consumer’s attention; you want to hold it tight. Thus, it’s important that startups grasp the opportunity of investing in the process of branding and marketing.  

“Great brands are like friends – you encounter a huge number of them every day, but you only remember the ones you love.”  

Luc Speisser, the managing director of Landor

Indeed, branding your startup will help you stand out from the crowd, reach to customers with similar values and create long-term relationships with them. Without doubt, it is a challenge, but it is a challenge worth taking.  

  • Test: Think of an app that has a great loyalty program. Why does it work for you? What could be better? 
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