At Bytecraft, we welcome ideas at any time. We can quickly spot relevant patterns and issues, and carefully craft a strategy to execute your idea.

1. Initial Consultation

During this first phase, we make sure our customer feels comfortable and ready to work together. We implemented this concept in order to get to know our customers as well. We believe developing strong interpersonal connections with our clients leads to more success and better communication.

2. Idea Evalutaion

We ask all of our potential customers to fill out a lean canvas model following the initial consultation. We do this to validate their business idea and/or product. This helps both the customer and our Bytecraft team identify the proper steps to take in order to ensure their success.

3. Competitive Analysis

In order to optimize the success of completing every goal, we ask customers to tell us what/who they believe their competitors are. After dissecting this, we provide them with our list. By doing this, we allow our customers to see what prospective users might see when comparing products and services in the market.

4. Product validation through Research & Prototyping

In this final phase of our Strategic process, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research. ​Once general market research has been conducted, we move on to prototyping a potential idea. This allows us to kickstart the design aspect of our process, which follows the Strategic portion of our journey.