Commit is a web app that provides easiest way to collect money for social events and group trips. The app gives organizers ability to easily create and manage events, set minimum and maximum number of attendees and event costs, distribute the event link to guests and seamlessly collect money from all the attendees over to organizers bank account.


App Category: Events, Social App Type: Progressive Web App (PWA)

Technical Details

Front-end App: JavaScript, SASS

Backend: Ruby on Rails, Heroku

App Features: Login authentication, Credit card processing and Bank transfer, Stripe API, Email Notifications, Event management, Social media integration, Admin backend dashboard and management


Commit hired Bytecraft to upgrade the look and feel
of their existing app and provide monthly
maintenance of the app. After 2 months of UX/UI
brainstorming sessions, and 3 months of implementation Bytecraft was able to
successfully integrate new UI into the application
which resulted in increase of app usage and


Timeline to Launch: 6 months