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Technology Use: Generation Z

Gen Z Born: 1997-2015 Age: 4-21 Size: 82 million Overview: Generation that has grown up with advanced technology throughout their entire lives. Too young (or weren’t born) to remember 9/11, but have grown up during active wars globally. Raised on the Internet and using social media. Most ethnically-diverse and largest

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Technology Use: A Generational Breakdown

For as long as smartphones have been around, society loves to rant about Millennials and their technology-obsessed behavior. What might surprise society (and its stereotypical claims), is that recent research has shown older generations aren’t too far off from younger generations with digital habits.  Generations are split up by a

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Top Grossing iOS and Android Apps in the USA

The iOS and Android apps are typically rated on respective stores according to the three main criteria: free, paid, and grossing apps. Top free apps are the ones that come free of charge and have the largest number of downloads. Top paid apps are the topmost downloaded apps that charge

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How Innovative Technologies Impact Healthcare

Technologies are developing rapidly while actively penetrating all spheres of our lives, and the healthcare system is not an exception. As we live in a brave new world, cutting-edge Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 technologies have immense potential to disrupt healthcare, facilitate the overall workflow, make diagnosis more accurate and

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