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App Ideation: Our Strategy

Our Ideation strategy:  Brain dump → funnel→group brainstorm → consulting → strategic goals  We created this strategy to avoid groupthink. Groupthinking is the “practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.” (Oxford Dictionary) How to Avoid Groupthinking: post-it your main

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app process

Byte Breakdown: Part 4 -Post Launch Marketing

After Build, most tech development companies decide to call an end to their process. At Bytecraft, we decided it would be beneficial to take it a step further. This is why we made Post Launch Marketing the last part of our process. In this process, we are able to make

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Byte Breakdown:Part 3-Building the App

Are you ready to build an app?  We are too! Let’s get started. In the software development process, there are requirements that need to be followed. These are broken down into distinct phases: -gathering -project and product management -implementation and testing Along with these requirements, there are two most commonly

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