_App Ideation: Our Strategy

Our Ideation strategy:

Brain dump → funnel→group brainstorm → consulting → strategic goals 

We created this strategy to avoid groupthink. Groupthinking is the “practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.” (Oxford Dictionary)

How to Avoid Groupthinking:

  • post-it your main idea
  • vote on complementary concepts that resonate with the whole group
  • make sure every person has an opportunity to state their ideas and beliefs, but keep it brief (1-5 minutes per person) 

The First Steps to App Ideation

Many people would argue that having an idea for an app is easy. However, at Bytecraft, we have witnessed many ideas fail to come into fruition. Why is this? Well, firstly, it’s because many people have ideas but fail to do the first step:

Write your idea down.

Why is it important to write down your ideas?

  • You can keep track of your creative thinking
  • It helps you build a path for developing the idea further
  • According to Inc.com, you are 42 % more likely to successfully achieve a goal when you write it down

Once you complete step one, writing it down, it is beneficial to jot down any and every idea you have linked to this concept. We call this: Brain Dumping.

What is Brain Dumping?

This is the process where you put all of your thoughts on paper, and then read them out loud. Once you do so, you highlight the concepts that stick out to you the most. Finally, you can funnel the remaining concepts into a more coherent vision.

Funneling your Idea

Funneling your idea consists of sifting through every core concept linked to your main idea and organizing them into a one-pager you can share with a group.

At Bytecraft, we assign this brain dumping & funneling tactic to our clients before meeting. This effectively reduces the amount of time spent jumping back and forth between concepts.

Why we break it down:

App Ideation within itself is a process. Many fail to recognize this because they think having an idea is enough to get started. Many times, entrepreneurs and innovators do not get through the first step of ideation because they have failed to write down everything linked to their main concept.

At Bytecraft, we try to be as transparent as possible with our clients on why every step matters. Our process requires 100% attention, discipline, and participation for us to successfully achieve bringing your idea to life.

With our ideation process, you can create a better path for your app business.

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