_App Checklist: Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building an App for Your Business

How do I know if my business needs an application?

Whether your business is small or large, many times, business owners are unsure about when to create a mobile or web application. The following is a useful checklist for business founders and CEOs to consider before investing in app services.

5 Quick Question Checklist:

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1. Would your business benefit from mobile solutions?

Is your business a service that can use mobile tech solutions to expedite or streamline products/services to customers? Most of the time, businesses forget to take into account the amount of time they spend manually completing a task an app can easily solve. As app developers, we explore the easiest and most effective features to add to your company’s future app solutions, without compromising quality.

2. Do your competitors have an app and is it successful?

Many times, businesses have competitors that are using tech solutions as a tactic for more revenue. Check your resources and see if creating an app would change your place in your industry. You can see this through app review analytics on Apple’s Applications page, which checks download rates and user experience reviews.

3. How effective is your current loyalty/membership program (if applicable)?

In the restaurant industry, for instance, it is very common to have a loyalty app to store points for transactions. Nonetheless, it is vital to consider implementing a program for customers to experience your brand on a daily or weekly basis. We recommend apps for franchises or restaurants that are opening more than one location. Operationally, it makes more sense to have your own delivery system in place, which makes it more cost efficient than outsourced food delivery apps. For customer retention and brand awareness, a loyalty program would also be cost effective.

4. How important is branding for your business?

If the answer is: “not too much”, you should re-evaluate your answer! This is because branding is the key indicator of your brand identity and is vital to your business’ success. If your answer is: “fairly important”, you’re on the right boat. Branding is so important! So much so that people pick and choose their daily habits around these brand identities. Our phones are full of applications that remind us of their presence constantly. If you open your phone, visually appealing applications will remind you of these brand identities. Equally, as an app developing company, we are also a branding company that helps our clients through the User Experience as well as the User Interface design through our process.

5. How do I know if I need a web app, mobile app, or both?

The truth is that it is hard to tell without a formal consultation with a professional. The good news is, we are here to help.

If you answered these questions and realized that an app is worth investing into. Contact us at into@bytecraft.io for a free consultation or sign up on our website. 

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